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Graduate programs in psychology and sports psychology typically require a bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology, or at the least, a certain number of credits of psychology coursework, and possibly kinesiology or other sports-related courses. Admissions committees commonly want to see a minimum GPA of 3.0 and higher-than-average scores on the Graduate Record Examination , as well as references and experience in athletics, coaching, psychology research, sport psychology dissertation or other related environments. Injured athletes have identified effective ATs’ communication skills as extremely important for establishing rapport with them; this rapport ensures prompt reporting of injuries and compliance with rehabilitation (J.L.S.-O. and D.R.G., unpublished data, 2008). In their study of injured athletes, Fisher and Hoisington2 confirmed the underuse of motivation and adherence strategies in the athletic training room.

sport psychology dissertation

Investigating the case of a particular hospital. Carrying out an objective analysis of the achievements of children with spectrum autism and those without it in the middle school.

An Evaluation of an Educational Intervention in Psychology of Injury for Athletic Training Students

PhD students take approximately four years to complete the program, which includes developing a program of research (thesis/dissertation) that will be complemented by their coursework and contribute to their dissertation. The research project must be aligned with a faculty member’s research and each student works closely with the supervising faculty member to develop and implement the project. In addition to the research project, students are required to participate in a seminar during their first year, take a comprehensive exam during their third year, and fulfill a publication requirement. Coursework is chosen to complement the chosen field of research for each student and their dissertation and includes advanced sport psychology, research methods, research analysis, human development, and social psychology. PhD students typically take at least 34 graduate credit hours beyond the master’s degree or 52 graduate credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree.

  • Having said all of this, it will perhaps come as a shock that there are no sports psychology doctoral programs accredited by the American Psychological Association .
  • Sport management, sport governance and sport development consultancy across Europe & GCC.
  • Use for foundational research, to locate test instruments and data, and more.
  • Retention testing indicated that participants continued using the skills with their athletes long after the module was complete; retention week 7 usage scores demonstrated an increase in skill usage, and retention week 14 scores demonstrated 98.9% retained usage.

Examining the performance of online and TV gymnasts. The importance of nutrition and physical exercises for athletes. Discovering the correlation between the physical activity and healthy food consumption of top-rated athletes. These awards recognize outstanding student research that has the greatest potential for making a significant contribution to the theoretical and applied knowledge base in sport, exercise and performance psychology. Are you looking for the best sports psychology research topics? We have some recommendations for you.

Traditional Doctoral Programs

If not, contact our support team and let us share other ideas. You can be sure we will offer you reliable psychology research writing services. So bring all the questions and let us help you in the best way as we always do. Press the contact button and consult us. Also check out Neuropsychology Research topics. Most doctoral programs in sport psychology take four to seven years of full-time study to complete. Some programs are postdoctoral and require additional specialization and study after earning a PhD in clinical psychology.

  • Evaluating the functions and physical condition of people in football and aerobic training.
  • Exploring the use of drug supplements by famous athletes.
  • Analyzing international laws on supplement and drug use in football.

Dissertations are very important for the students as it influences the final grades. But never do this research just for the grades as it stretches far beyond achieving your degree. The UNT Libraries serve the university and community by providing access to physical and online collections, fostering information literacy, supporting academic research, and much, much more. NU student dissertations and literature reviews. Use for foundational research, to locate test instruments and data, and more. Search by advisor , degree, degree level, or department. If you wish to become licensed and/or practice research, earn an accredited PsyD or PhD in Psychology with a specialization in sport psychology.

How We Select The Best Sports Psychology Research Topics

In addition to educational requirements, most states require that all practitioners of psychology meet certification or licensing requirements if they are in independent practice or involved in offering patient care of any kind . Once the educational requirements are fulfilled, a sports psychologist should contact the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and the American Board of Professional Psychology for details about certification and licensing requirements, as they usually vary from state to state. Those individuals with only a bachelor’s degree in psychology can assist psychologists and other professionals and work as research or administrative assistants, but without further academic training they cannot advance further in psychology. Finally, conducting a longitudinal study within 1 ATEP on ATSs’ success rate on the “Psychosocial Intervention and Referral” component of the Board of Certification examination would be interesting. Such a study would be the ultimate evaluation of the practical effectiveness of the ASP-AT educational intervention. An accredited athletic training education program at a large Midwestern university.

Customer support is standing by 24/7, so you can reach them anytime you need. In addition, during the optional fieldwork experiences, you will have the opportunity to complete hours that can count towards the mentored experience required for the CMPC certification. Harris L. L., Demb A., Pastore D. L. Perceptions and attitudes of athletic training students toward a course addressing psychological issues in rehabilitation. When considering any sports psychology thesis paper topic you need to make sure it will be interesting to the readers, check for availability of reliable sources, and evaluate the impact it has on the discipline. Check multiple resources for different ideas and always consider hiring a professional to help review, edit and proofread your assignment throughout the process.

Expert Sports Psychology Research Topics

Upon successful completion of the program, students may seek certification through the organizations for sport psychology, The Association for Applied Sport Psychology , in conjunction with the United States Olympic Committee , and the American Psychology Association . When it comes to selecting sports psychology research topics, it might seem like a challenging task in the eyes of many students. But once you choose a topic from our list and master the tricks of writing a professional research paper, you present yourself as an expert researcher in no time. Much of Tucker’s scholarship is informed by the sport psychology consulting services he provides to a number of athletes, coaches, and sport teams at UW. In addition, he has current engagements with Allen Edwards (men’s basketball; four seasons, including a 2017 Collegiate Basketball Invitational Tournament championship) and Chad Callihan . Graduate students are often invited to observe Tucker’s professional practice to help cultivate their own research or applied interests. A doctoral degree is generally required for employment as a psychologist, but there are two different degrees that psychologists can seek at the doctorate level.

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Evaluating the effect of this educational intervention in a true classroom setting would also be interesting. As noted, students voluntarily participated, and they were not given external motivation to study for follow-up tests or encouragement to implement skills with injured athletes. One could theorize that the effect of this educational intervention would be even greater if students were graded on the amount of knowledge gained and clinically evaluated on the appropriateness of skill usage. In future research, investigators should also focus on ways to increase retention levels of participants, perhaps using student-friendly technology, such as text message boosters, or developing a self-monitored or supervisor-monitored clinical evaluation and feedback system. These ATs reported a lack of educational preparation and clinical practice in this area and, therefore, felt underprepared to handle psychosocial and referral situations they faced as ATs.

D Preparing Future Faculty Series 7 credits

Statistical analysis revealed some factors of psychological health significantly change from initial injury until return to play. These results add to the growing body of knowledge that suggests mental health is a key portion of an athlete’s overall health, and should be treated as such. Have you found top-quality sports psychology research topics?

  • Exploring the biomechanics and functions of coaching among top women athletes during intelligence exercises.
  • Research on the functions of lipid oxidation and mitochondrial uncoupling during mental conditioning and aerobic exercises.
  • All data were analyzed with SPSS (version 16.0; SPSS Inc, Chicago, IL).
  • When considering any sports psychology thesis paper topic you need to make sure it will be interesting to the readers, check for availability of reliable sources, and evaluate the impact it has on the discipline.

Therefore, like sports, a musical performance is a physical activity with extreme demands on technical facility, training ethics, discipline, deliberate practice, structure, dedication, determination, motivation and inspiration. Like sports, it is a form of self-expression, performed in front of an audience and demanding astounding mastery of the human mind and body.


Athletic training students who were not involved in our study would generally not study sport psychology daily, and the control group in our study served to simulate typical ATSs. Seven days after the third seminar session , the KT and SUS were administered again to the intervention and control groups. Again, intervention-group participants were encouraged to prepare as they would for any test in a course within the athletic training major, whereas control-group participants were instructed not to prepare for the tests in any way. After completing the tests, the intervention group was reminded that, although their participation in the weekly sessions was complete, they would be asked to take the KT and SUS again to assess retention. Retention tests were administered 7 and 14 weeks after the completion of the ASP-AT intervention.

  • Optional focus areas add 12 credit hours and include Applied Sport Science, Group Fitness Leadership, Nutrition, Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention, Wellness and Fitness, Rehabilitation Science, and Wellness Coaching.
  • As noted, students voluntarily participated, and they were not given external motivation to study for follow-up tests or encouragement to implement skills with injured athletes.
  • Bone J. B., Fry M. D. The influence of injured athletes’ perceptions of social support from ATCs on their beliefs about rehabilitation.

Earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field. At least a year or more of internship or supervised experience is required to work as a clinical or counseling psychologist. Group and time interactions for skill usage survey. The role of muscle strength in different kinds of sports and its functioning when being injured. Exploring the physical condition of male and female rugby players. Identifying the gap in the knowledge of athletes of different age range. The fundamental peculiarities of the training process among patients with heart diseases.

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Both performance practices provide the performer with opportunities for excellence, though the journey may bring forth intense pressures, challenges, anxieties, fears and psychological phobias. Adapting the methods and principles developed by research in sports psychology, to be discussed at length herein, affords tremendous advantage in a musician’s constant struggle to elevate, not only the quality, but the consistency of quality in their performance. If you have firm intentions to make a great career in the field of sport therapy, coaching, etc., getting a degree in Sports Science is what you need. When studying sports science, students will have an opportunity to gain such professions as health promotion specialist, sport administrator, event manager, etc.

What are the 4 C’s in sports psychology?

In his book “Developing Mental Training,” psychologist Peter Clough, describes four important traits of mental toughness, which he calls the four C's: confidence, challenge, control and commitment.

A related Master of Science in Kinesiology is also offered at Oregon State. To evaluate the effectiveness of an educational intervention in increasing psychology-of-injury knowledge and skill usage in athletic training students . For those students who are interested primarily in educating people about the health benefits of exercise or in helping student athletes, a master’s degree is an option. Many sport sciences departments offer a master’s degree in areas related to sports psychology.

F Electives to total a minimum of 90 credits

In clinical or counseling psychology, the requirements for a doctoral degree usually include a year or more of internship or supervised editing college essay experience. High school students should take a college preparatory curriculum that concentrates on English, mathematics, and sciences.

sport psychology dissertation

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